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December 9th: Decorations All Over – Some easy ways to transform your place into a winter wonderland.

Christmas is approaching and to tell you something, it will come more quickly than you might expect. If you are as passionate about Christmas as we are, you might have your Christmas decoration set up since the beginning of November. If you are less of a Christmas person, you might still be on it, worrying how to create that festive Christmas spirit in your home, now that Christmas is approaching so quickly. Whichever group you are part of, here are a few ideas to easily ramp up that Christmas vibe:

To start with something super easy first: Pillows. You would be surprised how easily you can change the whole atmosphere in your home just by adding a few Christmas pillows. It’s really that easy. Remove some of the bright vibrant colors you might use in the summer and get out your red, gold or silver pillows, maybe even with nice Christmas motives on them. Doing that you can transform your bed, lounge or sofa easily and at (nearly) no cost into your winter wonderland. Trust me, this is such a low effort, high impact trick you can use!

Something that might seem equally mundane, but has a similar impact is adding loads of small lights. It’s not very christmasy to keep your bright LED ceiling light on. Instead, use loads of candles, fairy lights and small light sources. This will make the whole atmosphere in your home feel not only christmasy but super comfortable and homey (trust me, you won’t want to put away your lights after Christmas). Also, if you have a dim, comfortable atmosphere, your true star of the show can really stand out: your Christmas tree. If you want more tips on the perfect lighting check our post from last week here.

Do you know what you can use all these lights for? You can place small Christmas details around them. I’ll tell you one thing: The perfect Christmas home is about getting the details right. That’s why you can buy loads of small items, sculptures, vases or similar things and spread them all around your home. If you buy them in silver, they not only look super christmasy, they can also reflect all the light that you have placed around your home in the previous step. Trust me, this will make the most of your lights and your whole space in general.

The last tip is something for those who want to go full in. The ultimate Christmas home is full of wonderful, magical garlands. And while adding them to your home is a bit more effort than all the other steps, it has the huge benefit of being super versatile. Garlands can look amazing on your fire place mantel (if you are lucky enough to have one), but can also be the star if wrapped around the railing of your stairs, or your curtain rods. You can also easily place them around your window or even on shelves, bookcases or chests of drawers. The same garland can be used in so many different spots, so you can experiment a lot as to what adds most to the Christmas vibe you want.

Most of these steps are super simple, but trust me, these might seem like such small things, but they will have a huge impact on the atmosphere in your Christmas wonderland! Try them out and share your Christmas moments with us! And come back for more tips on how to make your home holly jolly perfect!

written by Simon

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